The club Restoration Shed is now operational and as such it is available to all members to assist in the maintenance and component restoration of Members vehicles.

The facility is very well equipped with a mechanical area, panel/metal area, upholstery area and a specialised wood, wheel making & hood bow area.

The mechanical area has two four post hoists (kindly donated by Vintage Section) and a raft of equipment such as an oil drain facility, transmission jack, engine lifter and many other items including a comprehensive tool store. Also included is a range of Penrite products that can be purchased, Tradesman coordinators are available to advise and assist members how to undertake work to their vehicle.

The panel/metal area is fully equipped with a raft of panel making equipment including rollers, benders, sheers, welding equipment, and a full array of panel beating equipment including a stretcher/shrinker and old school equipment such as swaging and edge rolling equipment etc. As with the mechanical area, a panel tradesman together with a sheet metal expert is available to assist members.

The upholstery area is equipped with sewing machines and tables, together with an experienced person to assist members undertaking upholstery work.

A lot of effort has gone into making the facility safe for members and as such, first aid equipment, a defibrillator and a wash station have been installed while first aid training has been undertaken and policies have been developed.

In attending the facility for the first time, members will be inducted and presented with a Members Handbook which outlines a range of issues such as safety, rules, evacuation processes etc.

To use the facility it is simply a matter of ringing the area coordinator who will discuss your job and make a booking.

The area coordinator & contact details are as follows:
Mechanical : Dave Reid ph. 92989033
Panel: Rob Calcott ph. 0412629228
Upholstery: Eddy Brown ph. 0417986594
Timber Bows & Wheels: Graham McDonald ph. 0418910841

DOWNLOAD a copy of the VCC WA Parts Shed and Restoration Shed Procedures