A Short History of the VCC of WA [Inc.]

By John Gloyn, October 2002

The Veteran Car Club of WA came into being after the first Rally organised by the joint sponsors, Ampol Petroleum and Weekend Mail in April 1958. This rally started from Ampol Headquarters in Adelaide Terrace (nearly opposite the RAC) vehicles travelled to Guildford, Canning Bridge, Fremantle and finished at the Claremont Show grounds. Ampol Service Stations were checkpoints and there were large numbers of spectators along the route and at the finish. From this very successful event, a number of entrants came together, with the help of Ampol, Weekend Mail and The Automotive Chamber of Commerce. Thirty one interested persons met at Ampol on the 3rd of December 1958 at the inaugural meeting where it was agreed that a Veteran and Vintage Car Club be formed. (Vintage was dropped from the title very soon after).

There was another Ampol Carousel Rally, started at Ampol Service Station Gosnells on Boxing Day 1958 and finished in Bunbury and another in 1959. A meeting date and details were advertised for January 14th 1959, this meeting was held at Ampol House and it was at this meeting that the first office bearers were officially elected. There were Fifty financial Members by the third meeting and these members were all classed as Founder Members of the VCCWA. The Club met at several venues and slowly gained strength. then met for a number of years at Science House in West Perth.

In 1983, after some changes of minds, the present Clubrooms were built with the joint effort of the Veteran Car Club and the WA Car Club, the building and car park were completed; (the WA Car Club is the oldest sporting car club in WA). The Clubrooms, environs, spare parts, library and other facilities also the membership, have grown considerably over the years. Now there are Sections and Branches throughout the State, plus specific Sections in the metropolitan area for the following:

Country Sections and Branches cater for all the above including Motor Cycles etc all being at least 25 years and older, they are:

The Vintage Motor Cycle Club WA Inc is an affiliated Club which caters for Veteran, Vintage and Post Vintage machines; this club grew from the Vintage Motor Cycle Section of the Veteran Car Club. The VMCC meets at our clubrooms, also has there own specialist facilities and is continuing to grow.  The VMCC also has an Albany Section.

The Veteran Car Club of WA Inc, including the many Sections and Branches, organise many rallies (Tours) and events during the year; the best way to get to know the Club and the members is to become involved in as many activities as is practical, you will then get the help, enjoyment and clubmanship you seek.

Concession Licencing and Third Party Insurance is available to all financial club members, there are stringent standards and conditions which must be adhered to as it is a great privilege. The Veteran Car Club of WA was the first successful body when we were granted Concession Licence in 1963, following shortly after with Concession Third Party Insurance. (now possibly the best club concession licence system in Australia).

We have a very good monthly Club Magazine, Early Auto which covers most of the clubs activities. We also have an extensive reference Library for the use of by members. The Club’s Spare parts facility has three areas; VCC Spare parts, Vintage Motor Cycle Club spare parts and Libraries, WA Car Club storage area plus the vehicle examination area.

The Clubrooms is a joint owned facility operated by a committee of members of both the Veteran Car Club and the WA Car Club. Other affiliated clubs and one make car clubs also use the facility.

We have our Warden, who lives on site, both he and his wife look after the property and take bookings for the hire of the clubrooms. Many of the facilities we have and enjoy today started with the help of dedicated members with their wives and families, we hope in some way you can also assist and become another active member.